Glassware Instruments

Goodwill Scientific Traders provides Test Tube in a multitude of length and width. Made of glass for better resistance to heat and corrosive chemicals and longer life.

GW3.01 Tube Culture Media – Round Bottom
GW3.02 Tube Culture Media – Flat Bottom
GW3.03 Test Tube with interchangeable stopper
GW3.04 Test Tube without rim – Round Bottom
GW3.05 Test Tube with rim – Round Bottom
GW3.06 Centrifuge Tube – Conical Bottom
GW3.07 Centrifuge Tube – Flat Bottom
GW3.08 Centrifuge Tube with screw cap
GW3.09 Centrifuge Tube with interchangeable stopper
GW3.10 Lieghton Tube