Glassware Instruments

Bottles commonly used in Laboratory application. Our company provide our customers bottles used to put in chemical substances, solution or solvents. Our bottles are designed as break resistant and is usually made up of heavy glass material.

GW9.01 – Weighing Bottle
GW9.02 – Bottle Wide Mouth with interchangeable stopper.
GW9.03 – Specific Gravity Bottle
GW9.04 – Reagent Bottle with interchangeable stopper. Glass / Polypropylene
GW9.05 – Plain tooled Neck Bottle
GW9.06 – Reagent Bottle narrow neck with bakelite screw cap
GW9.07 – Aspirator Bottle
GW9.08 – Woulf Bottle
GW9.09 – Mac Cartney Bottle
GW9.10 – B.O.D Bottle